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Drummaster Tuition


Drummaster Tuition

Making Learning Fun!

Fun Lessons For All! At Drummaster Tuition you can learn to pass your exams at school and college, sit Rockshool Graded Exams, Enhance your style and learn new fills and rhythms or just learn to play drums for fun. All levels and styles taught!

Graded Exams

Learn How To Pass All High School Exams & Rockschool Grades 1 through to Grade 8 (Pro Level)


Drumming Is Easy Once You Have Mastered Your Rudiments! At Drummaster Tuition We Show You How

Read Music

Students Learn How To Read Drum Notation, Making You A Better Drummer!

Fun Learning!

Most Of All Its Fun Learning To Play The Drums At Fifes Number 1 Drum Studio

Computer Analysis Of Your Drumming

Using the latest computer technology we can analyse your drum playing, including your timing of rhythms and fills, your dynamics and your drum strikes. Its done in a very fun and addictive way to help you improve all your aspects of drum kit playing.

Build your skill level:

With Dedication, Practice and Lessons from Drummaster Tuition you can work on your drumming skills to be the best you can. At Drummaster Tuition we will help you choose the right equipment and setup of your drum kit. Teach you about posture



music styles & Notation




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Thats right it's free to try Drummaster Tuition! Your first lesson with us. is completely free.

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